Hi! I’m Natalie, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Back in Malaysia, I spent most of my working life in the media industry – both radio and television. I was a radio newsreader, producer and presenter, as well as a TV newscaster. I was also a writer, producer, editor, content creator and emcee.

Since May 2017, my family and I made the big move over to Australia, and we are now living in the beautiful city of Melbourne. This change is huge for me as it means I had to completely change my lifestyle: from being a working mom to a stay home mom; from having loads of support to having very little to none; from being a media professional to a, well, unemployed person.

But I’m enjoying the change so far. I get to spend so much time with my kids (though, #confessiontime, sometimes it feels like too much time yougetwhatImean?), and reconnect with my childhood hobbies – writing, journaling, creating art…

As for my blog, I have been blogging for years, but recently relaunched and revamped NatalieSia.com. It’s a little place for me to express myself, and to share about my life, the people and things that I love, those that inspire me, and all the adventures in between.

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