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Yeah, that Alphabet book is what Alistair has been reading (along with whatever else Amy has been reading. He’s just into whatever his big sis is doing or playing with or touching. Yes, I see fights coming very soon.) But what I want to talk about in this post is actually the books I have been reading – sorry I ran out of pictures and have no time so far to take new ones hehe!

So, this is not going to be a full-fledged review, but just a quick share of the two books I picked up since ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

I finally picked up Sophie Kinsella’s ‘My Not-So Perfect Life’. I had been trying to find it at bookstores in Malaysia since beginning this year, but couldn’t find it. Now, thanks to the convenience of Kindle and Amazon, I bought it at the click of a finger right in my own home! (I’m still very excited about the fact that I have access to thousands – if not millions – of books from right where I’m sitting! Although I also do miss the physical feel of a book… but oh well, at least I get to read them!)

Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite chick-lit author, so needless to say, I enjoyed her latest book too. It’s light and easy to read, and I liked how she weaved in the overwhelming culture of social media (more specifically Instagram) into her story. It is so true – everyone is trying to show the world how perfect their lives are through Instagram. But sometimes it can do more harm than good.

I didn’t take a break from social media because of this book. I’d been thinking of taking a break every since I came to Melbourne. Actually, the thought did cross my mind even when I was still in Malaysia. Anyway. I’ll leave my thoughts about this to another time.

So yea, I liked ‘My Not-So Perfect Life’! It’s not really heavy on romance; more on friendships and relationships and self-discovery.

I also continued the Kevin Kwan series! I finished ‘Crazy Rich Girlfriend’ in a matter of days. Again, I enjoyed it. I think there was enough suspense and drama, although, sometimes I feel that there are TOO MANY characters to keep up with. But I guess it’s quite refreshing to see the perspectives of the different characters.

The storyline of Nick and Rachel is interesting, but I find myself being more fond of Astrid and Charlie, and wishing that I could read more about their story. Am I the only one??

I liked how the book threw out this perspective on crazy rich people: that it’s all relative. You may think $10,000 on a bag is crazy expensive and you would rather spend that money on charity. But then again, that $10,000 bag gave jobs to a lot of people. Besides feeding their families, it also rewarded them for their skills and ability, and gave them pride for working on something beautiful.

Also, you may think that the $200 jeans you’re wearing is cheap. But to someone who is living in the slums, that $200 jeans is outrageously overpriced too.

So, don’t judge! If someone likes expensive things, and they can afford it, and they like it, then why do you care? Can’t we just celebrate with and be happy for others?

I’ve just got the third book ‘Rich People Problems’. Can’t wait to read that!




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