Today I overcame my sleeplessness, bundled the kids, braved the morning cold, and visited a playgroup nearby. I had been wanting to go to a playgroup since we arrived in Melbourne, but I always had an excuse not to – too tired, too busy, too cold, too lazy (oops).

Last night I actually did not have a good sleep (no thanks to Mr Alistair), but I told myself that I must go to the playgroup no matter what. And I did it. So, yay me!

Playgroups are apparently quite a big thing in Australia. Most moms, especially those who are not working full time, seem to attend a playgroup. Well, it is a very good place for children to play with other kids and for moms to socialise with other moms too.

Initially I was a little bit afraid of being mom-judged, especially since I was just packing some Savoy biscuits as Amy’s morning snack at the playgroup ha! But my fears were unfounded, because the moms there were the nicest bunch! And I guess playgroups will benefit me as much as my kids, because I have the chance to mingle and hear from other moms.

Amy really had a great time, and even Alistair seemed to enjoy himself (even though he was asleep for half the time).

My father-in-law will be returning to Malaysia soon, which means I have to learn to manage the both kiddos on my own! I know a lot of moms handle their kids by themselves, but I’ve just never done it before so the thought of it is pretty daunting. But #challengeaccepted!

And so, I’ve already come up with a daily and weekly schedule to help keep me sane. But whether or not it can be followed remains to be answered…





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