TGIF #3: Of needles and motherhood

This week seems to have been a productive week! I guess it’s because I managed to finish reading a book (yay!) and we also brought the kids for their immunisation. Not only that but we also managed to schedule their health checkups and Amy is also set to start at the childcare centre soon.


Speaking of the immunisation, Amy had three required jabs to take to get her up to date to the Australian immunisation program for children. The hubby and I were wondering if they would administer two jabs and then tell us to come back again another day. But lo and behold, they gave her ALL THREE JABS that day!

When they told me that they were going to give Amy the jabs on her arms, I nearly fainted. In my mind, I could picture her going berserk and putting up a big fight and screaming and crying and my nightmare is always that the needle is going to break. (The hubby later told me he was also very nervous and was prepared for Amy to tear the house down)

So when it was Amy’s turn, we quickly whipped out the hubby’s phone, thinking to distract her with YouTube videos. But she couldn’t focus on the videos because the nurses were directing the hubby to sit her on his lap facing them, and telling him to hold her arms down.

Surprisingly though, she just watched and allowed the hubby to hold her arms down. She even allowed him to remove her shirt (with a singlet inside) to prepare for the jabs. There was another girl on the other side taking a jab, and Amy turned to look at the girl. I was screaming in my head, OH NO DON’T LOOK AMY! But thankfully, that girl, who was much older, was so calm and did not cry or react at all to the jab. I think that really helped keep Amy calm.

So now everyone’s ready. Two nurses came, one on each of Amy’s side. They counted to three and injected both her arms at the same time! Amy was stunned for a few seconds before bawling with big tears rolling down her cheeks. And then they said, “Good girl! OK now just one more!”

She screamed and cried, but again, surprisingly, did not struggle at all. She just sat still and cried. Which is a miracle I tell you.

The nurses were fast, so within a few seconds the jabs were all done, and they gave her stickers and her papa gave her a big hug and let her watch her favourite videos on YouTube.

While I had to prep Alistair. He had to take two jabs, which is not too bad. And I knew in my heart that he wouldn’t really have much of a problem. The last time I took him for his jab in Malaysia, he did not even twitch an eye.

But this time, they administered the jabs on his thighs instead of his bum, so he did cry a little bit, for like 5 seconds. Then when I hugged him and comforted him, his cry changed to complaints. Haha.

To me, both Amy and Alistair were super brave. I think I would have cried too. In fact, the hubby has been asking me to go for my flu jab and I have been turning it down. Seriously, I can give birth three times but I am still terrified of the needle!


Last week I was going crazy with the kids, and was constantly upset. This week I found myself more calm, more zen hahaha. And in fact, I am able to enjoy both of them more. I am learning to laugh more, and to take Amy’s tantrums in my stride. Actually when I am not as uptight, her tantrums can be funny. She’s just being a little girl who doesn’t know what she wants. I think, instead of getting upset when she’s upset, I just have to be calm and assertive.

Her emotions are going haywire and she doesn’t know how to control them. The last thing she needs is a mother who can’t control herself too.

I sound like I’ve got it all sorted right? But that is so not true. This week just happens to be a good week. Motherhood is such a rollercoaster ride.

I guess that’s all for today’s TGIF. I’m excited that the weekend is here!




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