TGIF #2: Of childcare, books, and childhood dreams

I can’t believe it’s Friday again! The days are zooming by faster than I can spell.


This week I went to visit a childcare centre that I want to send Amy to. It’s beautiful and spacious, and it follows the Reggio Emilia approach. I liked what I saw, and Amy too! The moment we arrived, she saw the kids playing at the play area and told me, “I want to play! I want to go there and play!” And as we continued to tour the place, she would tell me “I want to play at the sand pit!” “I want to do arts and crafts!”

When we got home, I asked her if she liked the school and if she wanted to go, and she said “ya!”. That’s a good sign!

Childcare in Australia is crazy expensive, so we are looking at sending her perhaps twice a week. It would be good for her to have some time to make friends and also to learn something, rather than just stay home every day.


I am currently reading “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan. As I have not finished it yet, I can’t really say that it’s my favourite. But I do enjoy it. I like how he weaved in some Singaporean / Malaysian speak and also some Chinese dialects. It made me feel right at home. I also like the way he wrote it. This book is meant to be a satire, it’s exaggerated and funny, but his style of writing keeps the reader interested and hooked. Well, at least I am anyway.

Another book I like is actually a children’s book that I got for Amy / Alistair: “Where Is The Green Sheep?” by Judy Horacek. Something about the book caught my eye when I was shopping at Kmart, and I’m really glad I got it. Amy loves it, and I love it too. It’s charming, it’s cute, and it’s interesting enough to keep Amy interested. That’s the most important part isn’t it?


The local council in my area is organising a short story competition, and I thought I should give it a go. Not that I think I can win. But I think it’s a great way to force me to kickstart my storywriting muscles. Which have been asleep for a really long time.

I sat down staring at my laptop for so many days, with no idea whatsoever. It was the most frustrating feeling. Writing a blog post is easy, because I just need to unleash whatever is in my mind. But writing a fictional story is different. Where do I even start?

It’s quite depressing that I couldn’t come up with anything. I remember when I was in school, writing essays was my forte! I was one of those irritating students who wrote on and on and on and had to request for more paper, when it came to English essays. What happened to my creative juice?

All the more important for me to force myself to write something for this competition. I still have about three weeks, so, DO IT NAT.


When we knew that we were going to make a move to Melbourne, I knew that my career path will have to change. And I instinctively knew that I would want to pursue writing.

There’s one memory that has been playing in my mind since then. I was 17, about to sit for my SPM (the graduating exam for secondary schoolers). My family and I were visiting an aunt and her husband, and he asked me that question that everyone seemed to ask anyone who was going to sit for SPM:

“What do you want to study after this? What do you want to do?”

At that time, I had only one ambition: to be a writer. More specifically, a novelist.

Which explains why I took up journalism when I entered college. And from there, my dream went through a series of evolution. From becoming an author, I wanted to be a journalist. And then, I don’t know how, but I landed in the broadcast part of the world, and for a brief time, my dream was to be a presenter – radio and/or TV. The writing dream had kinda disappeared into a quiet death.


Recently though, the dream has come back. With a vengeance. I am thankful that I’d never really given up on writing (thank you blog), but now I really want to take it to another level. I want to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a writer again. More specifically, a novelist.

I’m looking around for courses to go for. There are a lot that excite me. But I need to find one that is suitable, especially in the timing.

What’s your (forgotten) dream?




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