TGIF #1: Of gratefulness, reading and honesty

Blogging has always been an important creative outlet for me, as I get to express myself, practise my writing, play around with photography and basically have a space to think and be creative. This is also a place for me to write down important thoughts or happenings in my life, so that the memories can be immortalised. Well, sort of. 

And so, I want to start a new series called TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday), where I write about my reflections about the week. I think it’s a good way to force me to reflect more, be thankful, or just share about some great stuff / people I’ve come across.

So, let’s kickstart this series!


It’s been more than a month since the kids and I arrived in Aussie land, and my heart is still bursting with gratefulness to God for all that He has provided and done for us. Truly this journey has been nothing but full of His favour and blessings. So many people have told us that the hubby is extremely lucky to be able to have found a job within a month of arriving in Melbourne. And that we were able to find a good place to stay at such a good price. I do not think it is luck at all. It is divine.

I’m also grateful for friends, both old and new, that we have here in Melbourne. They have really helped and are still helping us settle down. For me especially, I am so thankful that God has been bringing people and friends to help me with mummyhood in Melbourne.


One of the habits I want to rekindle in my life is the habit to read, and so, I have gotten myself a Kindle (pun not intended) reader!

To be honest, I love books in the physical form. I love holding the actual book in my hands, touching and feeling the book cover and pages. But then, it is just not practical any more. When we were packing to move over, we left behind so many books at home! And we really do not want to start cluttering our new house here with loads of books.

Plus, a Kindle reader makes it easier to read everywhere I go, since it’s so small and slim. Also, I can still read while breastfeeding because I do not need to hold it with my two hands, unlike when reading a book! Andddddd, there are tonnes and tonnes of books that I can buy with a simple click of a button! No more need to go hunting for books at bookstores.

Most importantly, the screen is easy on the eyes. I tried reading on my iPad and iPhone before, and I just hated it because my eyes get so tired. I love that the Kindle reader screen looks like paper.

Though I have to admit, I was totally not used to seeing a black and white screen… haha.

This is not a sponsored post by the way haha. I’m just happy I finally got myself a Kindle reader!


Speaking of my Kindle reader, I was waiting with great anticipation to receive it yesterday. Finally, at 5.30pm, the tracking website updated its status as “DELIVERED”. However, there was no trace of it in my house! Nobody came and the Kindle reader was definitely NOT delivered to me!

The hubby called them up, and they said they left it at the front door. I braced the rain and cold and went out to check. It wasn’t there.

I even walked along my neighbours’ houses like a freaky suspicious Asian woman to see if there were any parcels at the front of their doors.

Nope. No sign of it.

I was so disappointed. In fact, I was devastated. I was really looking forward to receiving my Kindle reader!

I was also worried that someone might have just taken it. After all, it is a Kindle reader!

The hubby told me that nobody here will take other people’s stuff. (He said he once saw two girls leaving their iPhones on the table at Subway to “book” the place, and then they just went to the counter to place their orders. Like, whatttttt!)

And, he said if it is truly lost, the company will re-send it to us.

I doubted that very much and was extremely cynical.

But this morning, much to my delight, our neighbour knocked on our door and said they got this parcel yesterday and it should be for us. It was my Kindle! Wow! My hope in humanity has been restored!

I’ve been happy since and even Amy’s tantrums and defiance could not take away my Friday joy.

That’s about all for this first TGIF entry! Have a fabulous weekend!





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