Arts and crafts: Owl and Peppa Pig

So, since I am home 24/7 with the kids, I need to make sure they have things to do to keep them preoccupied. Alistair is pretty easy – feed, sleep, play with his baby toys or tummy time. Done.

Amy, on the other hand, would need more activities. She has her toys and books and colouring books. But I thought we could take fun time up a notch by doing arts and craft!


Little did I know that doing arts and craft was really a challenge to the mama’s creativity instead of the preschooler. I had to search Pinterest for inspiration and basically copied them outright haha. Plus, I was the one who was doing everything. Amy was more interested in tearing the art apart, as you can see in the poor bumble bee above.

I thought she would be interested in the owl, since one of her favourite books is ‘Night Owl’ by Toni Yuly. But no. Her interest died faster than I could stick the wings together.

So I started DIY-ing Peppa Pig colouring pictures for her.

Not bad eh? Haha #selfpraise

But actually I was more impressed by her colouring skills!

Except for the fact that she coloured George’s teeth black (like why Amy??), she was right on in the colours and she could colour within the lines now. I’m so proud!

I’m very motivated to keep drawing pictures for her to colour now (and save money too. Win!).




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