First out and about

After being in Melbourne for more than 2 weeks, we finally got the chance to visit the city last weekend. It’s not a journey for the faint-hearted though! It took us about an hour to get to our destination, and then another hour back.

We had to take the train, and then the tram, and then some walking. I wouldn’t mind it as much if we didn’t have the kids with us, but as they were with us, they were basically like a time-bomb – we never knew when they would explode.

Thank goodness they were relatively good. Alistair was a total charm. In fact, we spent most of our time and energy on Amy (again) then sometimes I would forget that Alistair was strapped on me.

We didn’t get to do much in the city though. We only had enough time for lunch (some really good dim sum!) and ice cream and then it was time to head home. I can’t wait to go to the city again soon, to see Melbourne city in all its glory.

Over the weekend we also took Amy to the park (finally!). She was such a happy girl, playing with the swing and slide. The park is about 20 minutes walk away, so it’s a good work-out for us adults too. In fact, we were so adventurous that we decided to walk back from IKEA last weekend, and it took us 40 minutes. Mind you, I was babywearing Alistair too. I think it was my one whole year’s worth of work-out haha!

One tip when going out and about with a pre-schooler: always ALWAYS have snacks with you in the bag. A hungry kid is an angry kid. Also, the snacks come in handy for bribes hehe.




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