Happy Year of Rooster!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s a ‘confined’ Chinese New Year for me this year. Even though I really don’t feel like I’m still in confinement anymore, considering all the rules I’ve broken and the amount of things I’ve been doing…

My elder sister has been nagging at me to follow as many rules as I can, but it’s difficult. Some rules were broken by choice:

a) I’m not supposed to shower and wash my hair. Eww. I showered in the hospital the next day after giving birth and have been showering every day since. I wash my hair every alternate days too. Just cannot stand being dirty, especially since I’m breastfeeding.

b) I’m not supposed to drink and eat cold stuff. I’ve been trying to adhere to this, but there was that once or twice that I broke it because I was too thirsty and it was too hot, I really needed that cold cup of 100 Plus…

Other rules were broken because I had no choice:

a) I’m not supposed to go out. But within days I already had to go to the hospital multiple times because Alistair was admitted for jaundice. And then I went out for dinner. And then grocery shopping.

b) I’m not supposed to walk a lot and climb stairs. But if I don’t, then who’s going to serve me?? I have no confinement lady, and I am not Harry Potter, so I can’t wish my way for food to come to me or for things to happen.

c) I’m not supposed to touch water. Well. As mentioned above, I showered. And then I have to bathe Alistair too. And occasionally I have to bathe Amy too. And we are supposed to wash our hands with soap before touching baby every time, so…

I’m not belittling the Chinese beliefs and traditions, but some of the rules are really not do-able. I think the confinement month and rules are made to pamper and take care of mothers, and it’s quite a sweet gesture. But I think it’s OK too if you can’t follow them, as long as you are not medically harming yourself.

(I have checked with my doctor about the walking and climbing stairs thing, because I was worried about having prolapsed womb. She said it won’t affect, but if I’m worried, I can always do the pelvic exercises.)


Since Chinese New Year falls within my confinement month this year, I’m not supposed to go out and everything. But we still dressed up for pictures!

Wishing all of you a prosperous and happy year ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai!




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