First watercolour painting class

I’ve always wanted to pick up watercolour painting.

Since I was a child, I loved art. I spent hours sketching and drawing on any paper surface I could fine (including school textbooks and telephone directory books).

Painting was the next thing I wanted to master, but somehow, the art classes in school did not help me much, and I wasn’t able to go for any additional art classes. So, discouraged and disheartened by my painting results, I kinda gave up.

Then, I grew up. With the busy schedule and other priorities on my mind, I had forgotten about my love for art. Yet, whenever I see a good piece of painting, my heart stirs.

Recently my dear pastor, who is one super talented artist, decided to organise a watercolour painting class, and he asked if I would like to be part of it. I jumped at the chance!

At the class, I honestly felt quite lost because I was the only student with no background whatsoever in watercolour painting (or even any other painting actually. School experience not counted). But I went home feeling so accomplished because I got to learn about the basics and concepts of watercolour painting. That’s the first step to achieving my dream of being a painter! 😉

Can’t wait to practice more, and I’m looking forward to future classes!




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