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Last weekend, my church had its year-end drama production entitled ‘The Grand Federal Hotel’.

I was not involved as an actor this time (because my belly is huge and we had no characters who were pregnant haha). However, I had a bigger privilege of being involved not just as the acting coach, but also in the team that came out with the storyline, script and overall production.

One of the reasons I love acting so much is because I get to play a character and bring her story out. But what I am discovering more these days, is that there is so much more fulfilment in conceptualising the story itself.

This was the first time we attempted a detective/investigative/mystery drama a la Sherlock Holmes, and it was a challenge! The brainstorming for a good intelligent script took a few weeks with a few heads. And the entire story really only came together properly after we added the choreography, music and multiple rehearsals.



Through this experience, I became fixated on writers. How on earth do they come out with such great story ideas? More than that… how do they singlehandedly write out the entire story, and successfully relay their world and messages to the readers?

Think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His Sherlock Holmes character simply has no rival, up till today.

Or J.K. Rowling. She created an entire realm of wizardry and magical creatures.

Or J.R.R. Tolkien. He birthed forth a totally different world, complete with its own history and language!

I once read an article that said, while non-fiction is good for reads, nothing compares to fiction. Because fictitious stories encourage creativity and imagination, not just from the writers, but also from the readers. And it is through utilising your creativity and imagination that you truly explore your own potential and not be limited by, well, the limits of what seems to be reality.

So yes, I am very inspired by writers. I hope I would be able to continue coming out with good storytelling ideas, and it is my dream that one day I would be able to write a storybook.

Side note: Incidentally, being a novelist was one of my (many) ambitions when I was much younger. Sometimes I feel that God is bringing me back to my original dreams, that I made as a child with childlike faith, with no inhibitions and no limits (and some might even say no practicality…).

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  1. C November 23, 2016

    Well done, Nat and team! I agree with you, that writing fiction stories is no simple task, especially detective/mystery stories. Everything must be well planned, logical, yet not too obvious haha. Kudos to you guys

    • Natalie Sia November 25, 2016

      Thank you C!


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