Number 3: Week 29 + Trip to Port Dickson

Sun. Sea. Sand.

It was a good getaway. We went on a family trip to Port Dickson with my hubby’s parents over the weekend, and frankly, it turned out way better than we expected. After our episode at Penang, I was actually kind of dreading the trip because I really wasn’t looking forward to more war time with Amy.

Surprisingly though, this trip was way more pleasant than Penang!

But first, a little bump update.

I’m at week 29 now. On one hand I feel it’s so fast, but on the other, I feel it’s not fast enough. In any case, just about two more months before baby number three is due.

I have begun my kick counts and I am doing it diligently, just as how I did it when I was pregnant with Amy. My stress level is increasing, and sometimes, if I feel that baby number three isn’t moving as much as normal, my fear and worry skyrocket. I really need a lot of God’s grace to get through this.

Lately, some red dots have appeared on my tummy, though they do not itch. I took a picture of them and showed my doctor, and she said it’s most likely allergy (probably to the cream I use occasionally, or maybe heat rash) and most probably harmless.

I’m also beginning to feel heavy. I can no longer bounce up from the bed – I have to roll very ungracefully now to get up. I also can’t walk fast any more. In fact, I think I have begun waddling. If I move too fast, my joints and muscles hurt.

But all these are just little discomforts that I am more than willing to go through, as long as baby number three is born alive and well, healthy and normal, happy and safe.


So, back to our trip to Port Dickson. Just like in Penang, Amy was terrified of the waves and sand. In the pictures above, she was clinging on to her papa for dear life. We tried just putting her down so that she could feel the sand between her toes, but she screamed and cried and actually shook. Poor girl (though it was also kinda funny).

I resorted to drawing the solar system on the sand to show her that it could be fun. She was not totally convinced, but she did try to draw some stuff on the sand too after that. So, I guess it was a mini victory!


Some serious negotiation going on there.

In the end, she was OK with stepping on the sand, as long as we were far away from the waves, and as long as she had her slippers on.

Surprisingly, this time round she LOVED the swimming pool. I think it could be because ALL of us were in the pool with her this time, unlike when we were in Penang, only her papa and her were in the pool.

She even fell into the pool head first, but, besides spluttering and coughing a bit, she was alright! No crying, no tears, no fear! I was so amazed.

Funnily though, her love for the pool did not evaporate her fear of showering -__-

We had thought that she overcame her phobia of the water, and happily took her back to the hotel room for a shower after the swim. But the moment she saw the shower, she screamed and protested and struggled, and it was another war.

Overall though, it was a pleasant getaway! I think having my in-laws with us really helped. I really appreciated the extra hands, and my in-laws also kept her thoroughly entertained in the car rides. In fact, she sang songs for one whole hour during our journey back!

When Amy is happy, everyone is happy haha!






  1. Belluler November 9, 2016

    I like to read your post.. Funny & sweet. Thank you.. God bless your beautiful family

    • Natalie Sia November 10, 2016

      Thank you for your encouragement!


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