Our weekend at Penang

What I envisioned: 

A nice, relaxing time in Penang with the hubby and Amy. We would chill at the beach, play at the pool, and eat all the nice Penang food. I even packed my DSLR because we planned to visit some hipster cafes where we would take some nice pictures for my blog.

What really happened: 


Don’t be fooled by the happy pictures we took.

Amy’s terrible-two tantrums were at its peak. She showed us exactly how strong-willed she could be, how fast her emotions could change, and how loud her tantrums could go.

Example 1:

She was happily playing with her toys, with one in each hand. Then she accidentally dropped one. She stared at the one dropped, and then let the other one go. Then she got angry and threw the other toys down. And screamed and wailed.

I, on the other hand, would be busy bending down and getting up and bending down and getting up, picking up her toys. Every time I did that, my poor belly was being squashed.

Example 2: 

She was cheekily showing us what she could do, and we cheered her on. But then she got angry. Screamed at us “NOooooooo!”.

And then cried.

Example 3: 

She was in her car seat as we drove from Batu Feringghi to Gurney Drive for dinner. As the journey was taking a bit longer than expected (due to traffic), she began to get restless and wanted to sit next to me instead of the car seat. So I took her out and plopped her next to me, and put the seatbelt on her. But no, she wanted to sit ON mama’s lap.

When I let her sit on my lap, she started kicking the back of the seat in front of us, which resulted in her squashing my preggers belly. It was super uncomfortable, not to mention scary, because I didn’t know if it would hurt baby number three. I quickly placed her back on the seat next to me, but she refused and started throwing tantrum, and crawled onto my lap. And the whole cycle repeated itself. Until I couldn’t take it any more and just forcefully put her back in her car seat, locked her in with the seat belt, and endured her melodious cries for the next 15 minutes or so.

Example 4: 

She wanted to watch YouTube on my phone. OK sure, anything to keep you happy and quiet since we were out. But she started getting angry at the videos. And started beating my phone. So her papa took the phone away. And she got even angrier. And screamed and cried.


She would throw tantrums over the smallest things, and sometimes, the only way to calm her down was for me to carry her. But she weighs almost 13kg, and I have another baby in my belly. It was super tiring. And normally after carrying her I would have backache and pelvic joint pain etc, and I’ve been told to try not to carry her as much or at all if possible.

Also, remember the DSLR I packed? Well, on the second day of our 3D2N trip, I told my hubby, forget it. We are not going to be taking any pictures, so we might as well just leave the camera in the hotel.

Our hands were simply too full with Amy, no matter her mood. When she was happy, she was busy trying to run everywhere and we had to chase her around. When she was angry, well, you know.

During my boiling point moments, in my mind, I was already spanking Amy’s bum. But in reality, I had to force myself to take deep breaths and find alternative ways to get through to her.

Yet, of course, there were also some precious and funny moments. We booked a hotel at Batu Feringghi because we wanted to take her to the beach. She visited the beach at Port Dickson a few months ago and really loved it, so we were looking forward to letting her play again on the sand.

But lo and behold, this time, she decided that she was terrified of the sand. She refused to step down and when we forced her to step on the sand, she screamed and cried. Then she said she wanted to go to the swimming pool.

OK. So we took her to the swimming pool. But again, she decided that she was scared. And refused to go into the pool. And she screamed and cried and kept beating her papa’s head, demanding to be taken out of the pool.


Then she saw the kids playground. There, she was truly at home and happy.

She also really loved our hotel room. She ran around and played and laughed and had so much fun. We should have just stayed in our hotel room haha.

At the moment, the thought of taking her for another holiday is making me tremble with fear.

Still, no matter how naughty she is, or how difficult she is, or how tired she makes me, I still love her very much. When she beams me that cheeky smile, or when she gives me a hug, or when she’s peacefully asleep, I easily forget all her naughty moments.


Until the next tantrum strikes.




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