Bedtime challenge

It is always a challenge to put Amy to bed.

Why is it that toddlers hate sleeping? I would give everything to be able to sleep. I would sleep on her behalf. I would sleep all the time.

Obviously she doesn’t share my sentiment. Bedtime is almost like war. I have to get creative to make her sleep, or we would end up fighting each other to sleep. Sometimes it would end in tears too (both her and me).

So yesterday, while putting her down for her afternoon nap, I discovered that I could actually bore her to sleep.

I told her facts (OK fine, some were made up) about the planets and the stars and the galaxies and the universe again and again in quite a monotonous tone. It was so boring, that I myself nearly dozed off a few times. And finally, after about half an hour of boring chatter, she fell asleep.


I thought I could replicate that at night. But this time she was wiser. Once I finished one round of telling her about the planets and the stars and the galaxies and the universe, she interrupted me with a big smile, “Well done mama!”

That effectively ended my perfect plan of repeating the astronomical lesson.

So I changed my tactic. I told her fictional bedtime stories. I started with the story of the three little ducks, but she requested for a story about Angry Birds.

OK, I can do that. So I started my make-up-as-we-go-along story about Angry Birds. And then she requested that my story be about Angry Birds flying. I put that in. And then she asked for Angry Birds to go swimming. I incorporated that too.

I tried my very best to tell a very long and boring story, making sure that it ended with Angry Birds feeling tired and going to sleep. The end.

But, oh no, she seemed to be quite excited about it. And asked me to tell the story again.

So I did. And she asked for more. And I repeated. And she wanted more. This went on for. One. Whole. Hour.

My bedtime stories were putting myself to sleep, and my daughter didn’t seem to be anywhere close to dozing off!

Finally. After telling the same story for I-don’t-know-how-many-times, with the lights turned off for the past half an hour, and with me emphasizing that Angry Bird was tired and sleepy and had gone to bed to sleep and had told everyone goodnight…

Amy slept.

Another hard won victory!





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