Number 3: Week 22


Happy Monday!

I have been really bad in taking bump pictures this time round. It’s just that the stars in the universe somehow don’t seem to line up to make the right opportunity for me to take such pictures. *blames the universe*

Here’s one kinda sorta bump picture…

Since my last pregnancy update, I don’t feel a whole lot different. Baby’s movements have been increasing both in frequency and strength, so that pleases me much. I look forward to feeling him move all the time.

I’ve also had to work harder to shield my tummy from being kicked or hit by Amy, which she does, usually unintentionally. My cravings are not as bad, though at times, I would still have a strong urge to eat something specific at random moments. Like, the other night I really wanted to eat ‘bak kua’ (something like meat jerky) right before I went to bed. Unfortunately, it was already midnight, and the hubby was already snoring, so I had to ignore the craving.

My bump is so huge now, I am running out of things to wear. As you can see, my buttons are almost popping off in the picture above. I am also feeling tired all the time. I guess it’s because I have way less sleep nowadays, plus I’ve been running around after my toddler.

Speaking of toddlers.

Amy has been a tantrum queen. Her mood swings up and down in a matter of seconds, and she would throw tantrums all the time. Sometimes she really wears me out, and I don’t know what to do with her. I am already exhausted with her clinging to me all the time. It’s way worse when she throws her tantrums too.

I have never been known to be patient, especially to kids. Now with her, I have to dig out every ounce of patience within my entire being.

On another note, when she is in a good mood, she is such a joy. A few nights I ago, I spent two hours putting her to bed, but it was not too much of a drag. We sang and made up bedtime stories. Then I started massaging her legs, hoping that it would send her to sleep faster (as it usually does). Amusingly, she asked for me to massage her head. And face. So I did. Until my hands got tired. But when I stopped, she asked me to massage again. That went on three or four times.

Then the cutest thing happened. She tried massaging me back! But instead of rubbing, she used her nails so it was too ticklish for me. I tried to stop her but she threw my hand away and resumed her “massage”. In the end I couldn’t take it any more – I sat up and told her to please stop massaging mama because it was too ticklish. And I quickly patted her to sleep.

Toddlers. They have the wonderful ability to make you go from “aww they’re so cute” to “argh I’ve had enough” to “but they’re such poor things they’re learning about their own emotions” to “I need some time out!!” to “I love you so much I just want to spend all my time with you”.

Back to number three. I still haven’t started getting the baby items sorted and ready. The fear and phobia are still there, and I guess a part of me just wants to get the stuff done only when baby has been born safely. But then, would that be considered a lack of faith?

The hubby and I recently agreed to not bring Alexa up in polite conversations with strangers, to save them the awkward moments. I told him I now feel completely okay with that, and that we should just talk about Alexa if and when the conversations get bit deeper. Most people would ask “Oh are you expecting your first?” just to make a conversation, so I really don’t want to hit them with the whole story.

Anyway. I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can, and am trying to give baby number three as much attention as I can, though it is proving to be very difficult so far. Still, I am not complaining.




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