Of the past and poetry


No baby bump pictures, but some throwback ones instead!

When I was in my teens, I dabbled with quite a few things. I tried my hand in comic sketching, in writing short stories, and even in poetry.

I really enjoyed writing poems at that time. It was, in my opinion, a great way to put complicated emotions into some short stanzas. And you know how teenagers had complicated emotions all the time.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost all copies of those poems. I had published them on my old blogs on other platforms (like xanga) and other websites, but they don’t seem to show up on Google any more. I remember penning them down in old-fashion notebooks as well, but, after moving house so many times, I just don’t know if I still have those notebooks with me.

I’m feeling quite sad about that.

Anyway, I started reminiscing about my own poems because I recently came across Lang Leav’s “A Lesson”, which I found quite beautiful:

There’s a girl who smiles all the time,

To show the world that she is fine.

A boy who surrounds himself with friends, 

Wishes that his life would end. 

For those who say they never knew, 

The saddest leave the least of clues.

Maybe one day I will revisit the poetry side in me again. Maybe.




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