Warm welcome

“Mama home! Mama home!”

Her happy shouts echoed through the house, traveled out the door, and reached my ears at the car porch like the sweetest music I’ve ever heard.

That must be the best welcome home ever. To see her running happily to the door, exclaiming that mama is home, and smiling ear-to-ear at me.

It makes any long day at work more than bearable. It causes my heart to swell with love and pride.

Amy has also been saying “I love you” to me at the most unexpected moments, and she sometimes runs up to me and says she wants to give me a hug. Some nights, I caught her caressing my head and my arm, just like how I love to caress her to sleep.

A mother’s love is often talked about, but not enough is being said about how a mother can feel so loved by her child(ren).

I am blessed.




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