Easy food art for kids

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If you’ve known me for awhile, you would know that I am as about un-domestic goddess as there can be. I have always been the type of girl who valued career, and had zero interest in house or kitchen matters.

But, I have changed.

Well actually, let me rephrase that. I am changing. Kind of. Sort of.

I mean, I still have not become a total domestic goddess, but the desire to be one is slowly rising within me.

I recently shared with my sister-in-law that I actually do look forward to staying home more, and to do more activities with my child(ren), and to learn to cook and prepare delicious meals for my family.

Her jaw dropped wide open. She was like, what? You?

Yes me.

Having said that, I do not think I can be a complete stay-at-home-mom (or SAHM for short). Which is why I am thankful for part-time jobs, and blogs, and even YouTube (not like I’ve been very diligent with creating any videos though). These are platforms that would allow me to still do what I love, while giving me the opportunity to explore my wanna-be domestic goddessness more.

Anyway. That was a long intro. I will delve into that some other time. But today, I wanted to share some easy to make food art for kids!

I stalk some people on Instagram and Pinterest, and see their beautiful pictures of food art for their kids all the time. But those are too difficult, and require too much effort. For a newbie like me (or rather, wanna-be newbie, considering that I have not even started doing anything yet), I need an easy, comfortable first step.

And I found it. At Cool Mom Picks. And it’s genius.


What I like about the recipes shared in the article, is that they are easy to follow. You don’t really need fancy tools or high-level skills or even a lot of time. You just work with what you have, and they turn out so pretty that you might not even want to let your toddler eat them haha.




Too cute!

I am archiving these ideas, so that when I do begin to act on my domestic goddess desires, I will know where to start.

For more ideas and more details on the above food art, go take a look at the Cool Mom Picks article.

Mummies, you’re welcome!




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