Number 3: Week 18 (and other stuff)

It’s been awhile since I last updated my blog. It’s partly due to busyness, but also partly due to, honestly, a lack of interest. Since my first trimester, for bewildering reasons unknown to me, I began to not care much for social media and blogs. *gasps*

I still do not understand why, though I must admit that the break has been doing me good.

And no, it is not because I have replaced it with Pokemon Go. Which, by the way, I tried playing but also found no joy in.


I’m now 18 weeks pregnant with number 3!

It’s been very exciting, though also nerve-wrecking. I started feeling baby’s movements at 16 weeks, as my doctor predicted. However, they were few and far in between, and they were not as pronounced as I thought they should be.

I remember (maybe not correctly) when I was having Amy, I was very sure of her movements. But this time round, I found myself wondering more than once if it was baby moving or just gas.

But my doctor has assured me that it’s normal to feel a few occasional movements at this stage, adding that I probably notice less because I’m busy running around after my toddler.

As for my baby bump, oh my goodness, it’s humongous. I think I mentioned previously, that I started showing even before I ended my first trimester. And now at 4 and a half months, I really look like 6 and a half months. But it’s OK. As long as baby is healthy and well, I’m not complaining.

Diet. I find myself appallingly lenient with my diet in this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Amy, I was almost militantly strict with my sweet stuff intake. This time, I don’t seem to have the self-control anymore! I mean, I don’t binge eat, but I have to have something sweet every day. Like, I MUST.

Now that my tummy is getting bigger and we are almost half way there, I’ve been reading more about how to introduce Amy to her younger sibling. Every night we will pray for baby together. Once in awhile I will remind her that she is going to be a big sis. The other night, I asked her if she wants to be a big sis. She said, “I dowan.” =_=

But honestly, I don’t think she really understands anything about the new baby. She’s just 2 years 2 months now. But she’s been such a joy and she says the funniest things. Last night, I was telling my hubby that my toe hurts, and Amy was with us. She looked at me with such a concerned and painful expression. Then when I put the laundry basket down near my toe, she said, “Mama toe be careful.”

So I showed her my toe and said, yea, mama hurt my toe and it’s so painful. She patted my toe and said, “Sayang mama toe.”

*hearts in eyes*

Of course she’s not all angel. There are tonnes of other instances where I did not find her cute at all due to her toddler tantrums and toddler stubbornness and just plain toddler naughtiness. But at moments like this, they all melt away.

She can now also read her books, by sheer memory I’m sure! For example, she would flip through her book, “Papa Please Get The Moon For Me”, and read it from cover to cover, imitating my every intonation! I found that extremely amazing and amusing.

Oh sorry, this was supposed to be about Number 3’s development haha. It’s been hijacked by Amy’s growth update.

So how should I end this post? I guess a gender reveal would be appropriate.

We are expecting …


So many people asked us if we preferred any gender, and we were genuine and honest when we said we were OK with either. As long as baby is born alive and well, healthy and strong, safe and sound, we are happy.

Now that we know this little baby is a boy, we are also excited about raising up a son. One of the immediate things I thought about was the new clothes that we would have to buy for him haha.

I’m feeling ever so grateful to God for this little life growing inside of me. We are almost halfway through the journey. I will continue to speak life into this baby, and believe he will be born happy and well.

Thank you for praying with me.



  1. C August 24, 2016

    Congrats!! In Chinese saying, you’ll have a 好, a girl (女) and a boy (子)! Praying that you will have a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

    • Natalie Sia August 25, 2016

      Thanks C!

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