Belated Father’s Day post

So a few weeks ago was Father’s Day.

It was the first Father’s Day without my dad. It wasn’t unbearably difficult, but difficult nevertheless. Initially I couldn’t for the life of me remember how we celebrated the occasion last year, until the hubby reminded me. Then I was grateful, because I remembered that daddy had a great time last year. We were all there with him, and Amy played with him happily. After we went home, he even texted me and said, “Did you know that Amy gave me five beautiful smiles tonight?”

My dad had always been great with kids. He could go all crazy playing with them. Yet he was always ready to catch them if they were to fall. His reflexes were very fast, something he always credited to his mastering of kung fu.

My dad had always been supportive of whatever I wanted to do. Even when he did not think I was making the right decision, he would respect me. He was disappointed that I insisted not to pursue accountancy, but he still threw in all his support when I studied mass communications. He sometimes disagreed with the level of commitment I had put in to church, but he still trusted that I knew what I was doing.

Even when I made mistakes, he was ready to protect me. When I was in high school, pen pals were a big thing. At the same time, there was also such a thing as tele-pals (not sure if that is the right term). I can’t really remember how it worked, but I think you call a certain number and leave some messages, and other people would leave messages back for you. So you keep calling to check the messages. My friends and I were having fun! What we didn’t realize, was that every time we called that number, we were being charged a bomb.

Naturally my entire family flipped when they saw the phone bill. And I felt so guilty. But immediately my dad came in to the rescue. He insisted that I did not know what I was doing, and that if I knew, I would have made wiser decisions. And that was that. No other lectures, no other scoldings. Because of his trust in me, I learned to make better decisions after that.

I miss you daddy. Happy Father’s Day.




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  1. Karen July 25, 2016

    Daddy I love you!!


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