Amy turns two

Amy is now two years old!

I know I keep saying this, but oh how time flies! It felt almost like yesterday that I was holding Amy as a newborn in my arms, and now, she is entering her terrible terrific two’s.

We had a simple party with the family last weekend. Amy wasn’t smiling at all for any of the pictures haha. I guess she was overwhelmed by the attention? But I’m glad she liked the birthday cake. She was asking to see it ever since she saw me collect it, and when I finally opened it up for her later in the night, she beamed and went, “Elmo dino!!!!”

She had practised blowing the candles days before her birthday too. On that night, I thought she wouldn’t do it because she was shy, but she surprised me by leaning forward together with me and attempting to blow out the candles!

amy birthday

Well, I am certainly enjoying her at this stage a lot. She is super adorable, and the pace of her learning and picking up new things is simply amazing. She is now able to string sentences together, even though some words are still toddlerese so we sometimes still need to guess what she’s saying. And she gets upset when we get it wrong. But anyway. She’s also bilingual now! The hubby and I speak to her in English while her grandparents speak to her in Mandarin, so she’s been speaking in both languages.

Physically, she’s also getting more agile. She’s been conquering all the play sets at the playground nearby like a champ. I still think she would love going for a gymnastics class.

The era of her climbing all over furnitures has also started, and that has often left me in near heart attack. The hubby though, think it’s perfectly fine for her to learn and explore. I don’t know how I feel about that.

She’s also been quite obsessed with the iPad and YouTube videos. But I kinda console myself with the fact that she’s been watching mostly nursery rhymes, and so she’e been picking up a lot of words and songs. She is able to read her ABCs as well as 123s, and she can recognize colours without any problems. She is also prone to breaking out in songs at any moment, any time of the day. In fact, some times she sings at every moment of the day.

I feel that everything is cute at this phase. She’s been throwing a lot more tantrums in her bid to gain autonomy, but even her tantrums are adorable. Well, OK fine, sometimes I do get irritated and annoyed, so those moments are not that cute. But generally, she makes me laugh all the time.

It’s been a joy to discover her personality and to learn more about her as she grows up. I’m so thankful to God for placing her in our lives.

Dearest Amy, happy birthday! You’ve been nothing but a joy and blessing to mama, and I love every bit of you. I pray that you will continue to have a happy childhood. I pray that you will learn to love, to forgive, to bless, to respect, and to honour those around you. I pray that you will always have the ability to find joy. I pray that you will always have security in your identity, and to have confidence in yourself. I pray that you will always know that you are loved and accepted, and that you will always love and accept yourself too. 

I love you very much! 



Mama Nat

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