She calls me Mama

In conjunction with Mother’s Day this month, I was asked to write an article about my mom and my daughter for my church. The CHCKL social media team, who is behind the CHCKL Collective, told me they would give Amy and me a photoshoot because they needed pictures to accompany the article. I was like, yay!

When we were on our way to the photoshoot, it was raining godzillas and dinosaurs, but nothing could dampen my excitement! (pun intended hehe)

Luckily for us, Amy was in an exceptionally good mood that day, so we managed to get some really nice pictures. A big thank you to the team, especially Anna Leong, who was the photographer of the day!

On another note, I’m thinking of transferring some of my posts about Amy in my previous blog over – maybe just a few key ones. I can’t believe she is turning two next month!




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