What is acting?

There is something about acting that captures me. And the more I learn about it, the more I need to learn about it.

While doing some reading on it in preparation for our church’s upcoming drama team meeting, I came across this article, and I really loved how the writer put it down:

The best ‘acting’ is when there is none. (There’s an oxymoron for you). The best performances are when the actor has reached a state of abandonment, release, totally letting go and truthfully living on the cusp as the character. And when the actor becomes unconscious of the ‘acting’ and conscious only of the physical, mental and emotional state of the character, this is when the actor is truly living in the moment – not as the actor – only as the character.

And that is acting – at its best.

I am not a professional actor, but I would love to work towards achieving that level in my craft.




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